Assign Permissions

Solodev permissions are broken down by area and action (View, Add, Modify, Delete and Special). Certain areas may be permitted but that does not mean users can perform every action within that area. Alternately, they may not be allowed to access that area at all. 

In the example below there are three websites being hosted in one Solodev instance. Multisite management is common in Solodev so we provided the ability for users to have access and permissions across multiple websites, or just one. To assign permissions to a website click on a globe icon next to the domain name.

Step 1 - Click Update Permissions

Step 2 - Click 'Select User Folder'

Step 3 - Select the folder containing the users you would like to give access to Click Ok.

Step 4 - Click the folder you selected, now blue, to designate the permissions the folder and its users will have on

Step 5 - Now you will find a series of "areas" of Solodev and "actions" that can be performed in each area.

Note: Select specific areas and actions or you can simply select "Check All" and all areas and actions within will be available to every user in the design folder.


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