Marketing in Solodev

Solodev comes with a number of tools out of the box to empower your marketing team and boost your SEO ranking and site visibility. The following articles will cover the pillars of the Solodev Marketing Toolbox:


Solodev Experiments is a powerful tool to add to your Marketing Toolbox. You can experiment with different pieces of content on a page, the copy on a page, images on a page, different hero iterations, sliders, you name it. Now let's go step by step and get your experiments running in Solodev!

Click here to learn more about experiments in Solodev.


Schedule content to publish to your web pages and set when certain pieces of content go live or are removed from pages throughout your website. Simply add entries to your scheduler, set publish and end dates/times for each piece of content and add the scheduler to where you would like the content to change on your page. Solodev will automatically publish and remove content according to your schedule, serving up different pieces of content based on the date and time.

Click here to learn more about schedulers in Solodev.

Meta Data

  • Website - Solodev allows you to apply global meta tags across the entire site. Learn more...
  • Page - In addition to your website's meta information, you can add meta information to different pages within your site. On any given page in Solodev, simply toggle over from the Content tab to the Meta Information Tab and start adding meta data to your page. Learn more...


Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as "SEO", is hard work and the result of a potentially lengthy process that can deliver big returns when done skillfully. Solodev comes with a number of tools to boost your SEO ranking and site visibility and help better market your website organically.

Click here to learn more about SEO-friendly URLs


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