Experiments Overview

A/B Testing is by far the most essential tool you can use to find out what is working on your website and what is not. This article introduces the latest addition to the Solodev feature set which now allows you to easily A/B test content! A/B Testing in Solodev, or as we call it, Solodev Experiments, allows you to test different iterations of content on different pages and track which are getting the most conversions and engagement on your website.

Solodev Experiments is a powerful tool to add to your Marketing Toolbox. You can experiment with different pieces of content on a page, the copy on a page, images on a page, different hero iterations, sliders, you name it. Now let's go step by step and get your experiments running in Solodev!

Add an Experiment Create a new experiment
Add an Experiment Entry Add an entry to an experiment
Modify an Experiment Modifying an experiment's properties.
Delete an Experiment Entry Permanently remove an experiment entry
Delete an Experiment Permanently remove an experiment 


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