Modify an Experiment

When running experiments in Solodev you're gaining insight into the success of content on your website which will naturally lead to adapting to that insight and placing the most successful content in the most visible area. This article will teach you how to modify an experiment so you can gain the most insight from your experiment and take action accordingly.

Changing Frequency

If a particular entry in your experiment is simply not performing well you may want to increase the frequency to gain more data and ensure it is not just a coincidence. Alternately, you may want to decrease the frequency - or simply remove the iteration altogether - in which that content is displayed once a reasonable amount of data supports the lack of success with that particular entry.

Note: As you can see above, the slider entry has a higher conversion rate than the hero entry does so I am going to increase the frequency of the slider and decrease the frequency of the hero image.

Adding Iterations

Perhaps one slider and one hero entry are not enough. Maybe you would like to add iterations of these two entries, that is, more than one slider and more than one hero image. In that case, simply add your content to the web files directory folder so you can add it to your experiment.

Step 1 - Add your new iterations

Click the green + button on the far right of Slider and a new row will populate.

Step 2 - Click Browse

Select your content and click Choose.

Step 3 - Save your Experiment

Configure your frequency settings and click Save. 

Turning off an Iteration

Continuing with the example above perhaps now that you have four variations in your experiment you find that two are in close competition. In that case you can simple uncheck the "Active" checkboxes for the iterations you'd like to put on hold while the other two iterations get more views.

Note: In this scenario, only your two most successful iterations are displaying on your website which will give you a more clear view of which iteration converts more website visitors. This will provide you with the sufficient data to determine which of the two finalists will win a permanent spot on your website.


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