Permissions Overview

Solodev features an enterprise permissions management system that allows administrators to specify which 'Actions' and 'Resources' are available to specific users or groups of users. 

Permissions in Action

Below is a screenshot of a user in Solodev:

Note: A common misconception is that permissions are assigned specifically to users when in fact permissions are assigned to the resources and documents that users interact with.

Permissions View: Calendar

Note: In the example above, a user has been given master permissions on the Calendar resource.

As a result, the following action tool bar for Calendars will appear to the user providing all possible actions related to the Calendar resource.

Actions View: Calendar

In the next example you will see how modifying permissions changes the actions available to a user. Notice how the user has lost the Modify and Special actions they previously had.

Permissions View: Calendar

Note: As a result, the following action tool bar for Calendars will appear to the user as displayed below. This is how modifying permissions directly impacts users.

Intro to Permissions

When deciding how to set up permissions in Solodev, consider the hierarchy of your organization as the two should reflect one another. For example, your marketing department should have permissions to add and edit content but you may have a marketing director who is the only user with the permission to publish the content live to your website.

Click here to start your introduction to Solodev Permissions.

Assign Permissions

Solodev permissions are broken down by resource/area and action (View, Add, Modify, Delete and Special). Certain areas may be permitted but that does not mean users can perform every action within that area. Alternately, they may not be allowed to access that area at all. 

Click here to learn how to assign permissions in Solodev.

Update Permissions

Once you have your user structure defined, understand your folder structure, and have assigned permissions you may find you need to modify them. As your team changes so do your users in Solodev as well as their corresponding permissions. Alternately, changing positions or departments can require permissions to be updated.

Click here to learn how to update permissions in Solodev.


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