Users & Permissions in Solodev

As an administrator or "super user" in Solodev, you can add users and assign them permissions to access certain areas of your Solodev instance and even get more granular by specifying which actions they can and cannot perform in those areas of your Solodev deployment.


Users are the people who have access to Solodev and interact with its resources as determined by the permissions they have been assigned by the system administrator. Users can be bundled together in groups based on criteria specified by the administrator.

User Hierarchy

User Detail View

Click here to learn how to work with users in Solodev.


Solodev features a granular permissions management system that allows site administrators to specify which areas of your Solodev deployment users have access to and which actions they can perform in those areas. Permissions are assigned to the folders themselves and any sub-folders of that folder will inherit the permissions of the parent folder. 

Click here to learn more about permissions in Solodev.


Solodev additionally features a built-in task and workflow management system. Assign specific users tasks related to files within Solodev. Have your users update the status of their tasks and, once all necessary work is done, mark them as complete.

Click here to learn more about tasks in Solodev.


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