Add a Task

Within Solodev, files have an associated "Feedback" tab. Within this tab, you can add notes, attach supplemental resources, and assign specific tasks to users.

Step 1 - Click on the Feedback Tab

Open the file you wish to create a task/assignment and click on the "Feedback" tab.

Step 2 - Fill out All Necessary Data

Fill out as many fields as you find necessary. The fields roughly correspond to the following pieces of information:

Field Name Definition
Sort by How to display the existing tickets
Notes Add any notes you would like included with a specific task.
Date The date you create a specific task.
Hours Spent Hours associated completing a task.
Attach File #1 Any associated files needed for the task including image mockups or text files.
Attach File #2 An additional upload field for associated files.
Assignment Priority A scale (from 1 to 5) indicating how urgent a task is to be completed.
Assign To Select a user assigned to the task.
Due Date The date a task is due.

Step 3 - Assign Task to User

Click on the "Assign" button to select a user from within the CMS. Select the user from the "Pick Assignees" dropwdown. Once the username populates the input field, click on "Ok".

Step 4 - Submit Task

Click on the red "Submit" button to commit the task to the CMS. Now, the user assigned will see the details related to the task and can begin work.


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