Scheduling Content

Solodev provides the ability to schedule the publication of content to your live website in advance so you can set parts of your website on auto-pilot. You can schedule entries from your modules to publish on a certain day and be removed on another day. However, scheduling is granular in Solodev so you can specify much more than what day you want content published or removed; you can also select the time of day down to the minute. 

Via Calendar Entries

Depending on whether you set your calendar type to 'events' or another calendar type, your scheduling parameters will change. When used for events, the start and end times should correspond with the start and end times of the event. Alternately, when used for news, blogs, or another type that is not an actual event, the start and end time is used to determine when to publish your calendar entries. 

A closer look at the scheduling function:

Click here to learn more about scheduling calendar entries.




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