Importing an Existing Theme

Solodev allows you to import themes which you can then use as a foundation for structuring your website to in a way so that building your website in Solodev is as simple as possible.

Prior to adding your theme, we recommend zipping up all of your theme's assets.

Note: Theme files typically come with several folders that contain resources other than the theme itself. Find the folder that contains all of the HTML, CSS, JS, etc. that comprises the theme and select everything in the folder and compress the contents into a zip file as shown below. The zip file is what you will import into Solodev. 

Rename your zip file as it will typically take on the name Now login to your Solodev instance and navigate to your domain in Solodev. The 'www' folder must be empty for this to function properly.

Step 1 - Click the upload icon at the top right of your screen.

Step 2 - Click Browse and select your zipped up theme. Click Upload + Publish


Step 3 - Double click on the icon to the left of 

Step 4 - Click both checkboxes to the left of the zip file. Click Publish.

Your theme will appear as it does in the screen below.

Let's take a look at one of the HTML files in the theme.

Note: All of your assets are now in Solodev and if you were to configure your DNS settings to point to your Solodev instance, your theme would appear at the specified domain. However, your theme is still static and likely missing content as well as the many benefits of the Solodev platform. 

Click here to learn how to build out your website using an existing theme in Solodev.


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