Tasks/Feedback Overview

Tasks/Assignments are a built-in feature that make collaboration and workflow easier among users. It provides the ability for admins to assign tasks to users. Tasks are related to specific resources in Solodev. Users can update the status of the assignment and comment on the task, all in an activity grid that displays the history of the work that has been done for the associated resource. This provides for a more productive, collaborative process and allows your team to communicate within Solodev. 

Learn more about tasks by following one of the below sections:

Add a Task

Add a task and assign it to a specific user to start the workflow process. A task is assigned to a specific file.

Click here to learn more about adding tasks in Solodev.

View a Task

Tasks are conveniently shown in a user's dashboard. This allows users to clearly see what work is needed/expected as soon as they log in to the CMS.

Click here to learn more about viewing tasks in Solodev.

Update a Task

Update or complete a task so as to enable effective communication and workflow among users.

Click here to learn more about updating tasks in Solodev.


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