Updating a Task

Tasks enable effective communication and workflow among users. As such, they require to be updated in order for a tasks' proper status to be reflected in the CMS.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Task that Needs Updating

If you are assigned a task, click on it from within the Dashboard. The task's associated file will now show up within the Workspace.

Step 2 - Click on the "Feedback" tab

Click on the "Feedback" tab to view the task.

Step 3 - Add a Status Update

Once you have addressed all or some of the items in the task, add a note with the appropriate fields and status. After you click "Submit", the "Feedback" tab will update with the latest status.

Step 4 - Complete a Task

After you have completed all associated work with a task, you can mark it as "Task Complete". Navigated to the "Feedback" tab of the associated page. Fill out all necessary fields and mark the status as "Task Completed". Do not attach any assignee in order to fully close out the task. Click "Submit" to close the task.


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