The Solodev Interface

The Solodev User Interface was built to serve as your command center for building amazing websites and applications. From one central location, you can access all of the resources you need in your Solodev  environment to build and manage content. The article below will go into further detail about each component of the User Interface and give you a more in-depth understanding of how Solodev works as well as how the Interface was designed to streamline the development and content management processes.

The Interface

The Solodev Interface is divided into two columns. The left column contains the Tree and the right column contains the Workspace. This allows you to see and control all of the resources in your Solodev deployment.


The Solodev Dashboard adds a whole new level of Business Intelligence to Solodev with a stream of real-time site usage data and trends made possible by native Solodev Analytics or integration with Google Analytic.  If you have multiple sites, you can toggle from site to site, allowing you to not only quickly glance at the analytics for each one, but to also easily manage them all from one dashboard. The Dashboard also allows users to see any open tasks they may have within the platform.


The Workspace is where you interact with Solodev resources such as the necessary content and templates for an individual website.

System (Available to Administrators)

The system section of the Solodev Interface allows you a wide range of functionality regarding your Solodev environment. You can view your contacts, see current activity, add workflows to your site, handle payments, view permissions, update your software, and view your configured websites. The systems folder is where you can add websites if your account meets the necessary permission level.

System Component Definition
Contacts Solodev users within your organization
Activity Report History of activity within your Solodev environment
Workflow Add technical workflows and tickets to your organization
Websites Technical support for Solodev CMS
Payments Displays all payment activity
View Permissions Displays system permissions for groups of users
Update CMS Updates Solodev CMS to latest version


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