Creating a From via Form Builder

Solodev features a custom drag & drop form builder that you can use to create HTML forms with no coding knowledge. This article details the process of creating a form in Solodev.

Step 1

Open the folder to which you want to add a form by selecting that folder from the left hand file tree. Hover over the Add button and select Form.

Step 2

The form creator will open. You can start by naming your new form.

Step 3

For the example of this tutorial we will drag a row over to the content area as shown below.

Step 4

For the purposes of this tutorial we will set the row to two columns.

Step 5

Select the desired form field type from Form Elements, in this case we will use a text box, then drag it into column 1 as shown below.

Step 6

Now your text box is in column 1. Other properties can be set as well in the process of building the form.

Step 7

Designate Element Properties by naming the label of the field which dynamically creates a database friendly name for the field. For the sake of this tutorial, the field will be named First Name, the type is set to text, and we have made the form field required as seen below.

Step 8

Continue these steps until you have completed the form and then click Save. Once your form is on the frontend, the look can be managed through the css style sheet. 

To ensure your form will be properly styled on the frontend, ensure that all fields you create are contained within a row and a column (if applicable).


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