Create a Form via Table Schema

Within Solodev, you can additionally create an associated form directly from a datatables' table schema. Creating a form via this method will automatically create and associate a form with a particular datatable. You can display the form by inserting said datatable directly into a page's Dynamic Div.

You can create datatable table schemas in calendars and datatables although the process is the same within both module types.

Step 1 - Click Add->Datatable

Step 2 - Name your datatable, choose "web" as datatable type

Step 3 - Click on the Table Schema panel

Step 4 - Click the green + button to being adding form fields to your datatable schema

As you can see, we added all of the same fields from the contact form shown at the top of the article. Now, it's time to add your datatable to a web page so you can start collecting data.

For each field, you can specify its type, length, whether it's null, and any default values. A description for each value is below:

Table Schema Field Description
Name The unique ID for a given field
Type The type of data that will be entered in the field
Length Amount of characters allowed in the database field
Null Allows empty values if checked
Default Default value entered with the field.

Data Types

A description of each "type" is below:

Type Description
Character Brief textual data
Large Text Multi-line or extended textual data
Blob A binary large object 
File A file which will be uploaded
Date Field A specific date value
TimeStamp A value for a specific time
Integer A whole number
Numeric Allows any type of number 
Serial Field mySQL data type


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