Resources in Solodev

Resources in Solodev are a number of files, folders, and similar components that help create and structure your website. These resources (also commonly referred to as "assets") form the foundation for your Solodev instance and lay the groundwork for creating stunning websites. The following sections cover a specific resource in greater detail.


Folders are built in a nested tree hierarchy and are the containers of all Solodev resources including files and folders to your actual website(s). Folders have a wide range of functionality in Solodev and can be modified and customized to suit your needs. A folder can be used as a document repository for a company Intranet or can be used to store HTML and/or STML files destined for the web.


In Solodev, a File can serve many purposes. A file can be a simple text document, a spreadsheet, a PDF, an image, or a HTML file to name a few examples. Files are stored in folders and have a different Resource View depending on their file type.

File Group

File Groups are a resource for managing and displaying groups of related files (images, documents, etc.) on a Web page. A file group is particularly useful when dealing with large numbers of files that need to be grouped and displayed based on certain criteria or similarity.


Commonly known as a link, a hyperlink is a reference to another document or page (internal or external). The sole purpose of a link in Solodev CMS is to insert web links into dynamically generated navigation on a website.


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