Form Tickler Emails

Forms are the staple of the modern website. Forms have come a long way and the days where forms were simply reserved for "Contact Us" pages are over. With so many forms serving different purposes on your website, it's important to keep track of it all. However, simply logging into Solodev to check and see if anyone filled out a form would be tedious and time consuming. Instead, we introduced tickler emails so you can add email addresses to different forms and receive email notifications when a form is submitted containing the actual data submitted in the form.

Note: For more information on creating forms for your Solodev website please click here.

Step 1 - Open the Datatable that is powering your form and click Modify


Step 2 - Expand the "Email Options" panel


Step 3 - Add email addresses to the Tickler Email Address field and click "Add"


Note: Now whenever someone fills out the "Contact Us" form this datatable powers the email addresses shown in the screenshot will be notified, these emails will also contain the information submitted in the form entry.

Step 4 - Navigate to the associated form on your website and submit a form entry


Step 5 - Check your email and you will receive notification of the entry


Step 6 - Open your Datatable which keeps all form submissions in one central location



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