Calendars Overview

Calendars are a type of "Manager" built on top of Solodev datatable functionality that can be modified to create date-based custom applications. Calendars can be used to build an unlimited number of custom web and mobile applications.

Calendar Types

  • Events - A calendar that is suited to showing events that have a specific start and end date.
  • Blog - They "blog" is great for article feeds, news entries, and other sets of data that may have a start date, but the end date is not as important.
  • Photos - A photo calendar is great for displaying photos or being used on a gallery.
  • Landing Page - A landing page calendar is perfect for creating landing pages for for marketing purposes.
  • Custom - A custom calendar gives you the freedom to create whatever you would like. You can use some or all of the functionality from the other types of calendars.

Below are the primary templates for a calendar:

  • User Interface Template - This template serves as the back-end user interface when interacting with the calendar.
  • Repeater Template - The repeater template is a front-end template that can be repeated, paged and filtered. This template is sometimes referred to as a list template.
  • Display Template - The display template is a front-end template that displays the information of a specific calendar entry when you click for more details.

More Information

Use the links below to learn more about Calendars and how to implement them within Solodev.

Add a Calendar Add a new calendar
Modify a Calendar Modify name and type of calendar, choose what columns to hide or display and access to the advanced, table schema and API info options.
Delete a Calendar Permanently remove a calendar
Map a Calendar to an STML Once your calendar has been built you will need to map it to the correct stml page where the information will be displayed.


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