Add a File

Adding new files to Solodev CMS is simple. You can add a variety of files to your installation including HTML documents, PDFs, images, template files, and other specific resources.

Step 1

Go to the parent folder in which you would like to add a new file. Once in the folder, hover your cursor over the "Add" button and then select "File" by clicking that option.


Step 2

Creating a New File

The following modal will appear. Name your file if you are creating it from scratch. Do specify the file extension (for example: .html, .tpl, etc.). Add your file's content. Lastly, specify any metadata you want to associate with the file. Once you have filled out all of the necessary fields, click on "Save".

Uploading a File

You can additionally upload a file. Click on folder icon next to the "Name" field.

The following modal will pop up. Either drag the file you want to upload into the dialog box or click on "Browse" to find the file on your local computer. Once the file is specified, click on "Submit".

Step 3

Once your file is saved (after you created it or uploaded it), you will need to "Publish" it before it is publicly accessible or before it can be used in your website's template files. Simply click on the "Publish" button to complete the process.


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