Upload Files

Step 1

Open the folder you want to add files to by making a selection in the left hand file tree. Once it is open, click on the folder icon on the right side of the screen.

Upload Files

Step 2

A window will pop up. You can browse the files you want to upload or you can drag and drop them into the uploader and click one of the following three options.

Upload + Save Uploads and saves files that will need to be published before they are eligible to be displayed on the site
Upload + Stage Uploads and posts a staging version that is eligible to be displayed on a staging site
Upload + Publish Uploads and publishes a file that is immediately eligible to be displayed on the site

Upload Files

Publishing a file in the folder does not automatically make it appear on a website. It just makes it eligible for display. It will still need to be linked to a page in order to appear.


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