File Groups Overview

File Groups are a resource for managing and displaying groups of related files (images, documents, etc.) on a Web page. A file group is particularly useful when dealing with large numbers of files that need to be grouped and displayed based on certain criteria or similarity.  One common use of a File Group in Solodev is to have a document list displayed on a web page with set permissions to the File Group that dictate which users can add/manage the files in the File Group. When a user adds or edits a file in the File Group, the web page updates automatically without the user having to obtain access to edit the web page directly.

A file group can be used to:

  • Display a list of Files - Display the contents of a file group on a front-end website.
  • Internal Document Repository - Create a document repository where users can upload and share an array of file types and have them grouped by type, category, relevance, date, etc.

Below is an example of a file group and its contents in Solodev CMS. The arrows on the right side of the file group allow you to dictate the display order of the entries on the website.

This is an example of a File Group and its contents, shown on a live webpage.


Start Date Specify the start date of when you want the files to visible on the website
End Date Specify when you would like your files to no longer be visible on the site



Add a File Group Create a new file group
Add a File Group Entry Add a file group entry
Modify a File Group You can change the name and add or change the description of the file group.
Delete a File Group Entry Delete a file group entry
Delete a File Group Delete a file group


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