Scheduler Overview

A Scheduler is used to schedule the publishing of content on a web page so that the content of a web page can change based on a predefined schedule. For example, a user can create five different variations of web page content, upload them to a Solodev Scheduler, set which dates they would like to swap out the content and at which intervals and the rest is automated. The diagram below shows how the Scheduler works from a visual point of view.

Schedulers can be used for the following purposes:

  • Set a specific date and time for a piece of content to be published.
  • Conduct A/B testing on which pieces of content are most effective on your site.
  • Display different content in intervals related to time zones.
  • Make a series of announcements to appear on your webpage at a given time.

The following diagram illustrates how a scheduler can dictate which web content to display on which day:


The image below is the grid of the scheduler in Solodev CMS. This is what powers the content workflow. Note how each page in the scheduler is set to be published on a different date and time.



Add a Content Scheduler Create a new content scheduler
Add a Content Scheduler Entry Add an entry to a content scheduler
Modify a Scheduler Modifying a Schedulers properties.
Delete a Content Scheduler Entry Permanently remove a content scheduler entry
Delete a Content Scheduler Permanently remove a content scheduler


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