Category Groups Overview

A datatable category group is a group of categories that can be applied to manager entries. This allows you to categorize all of the data in your Solodev deployment with ease. For example, category groups allow you to organize different events around a common theme, create a series of news or blog items about a subject, and otherwise allow you to categorize any of your custom datatable entries.

At its most basic level, a datatable category group needs to:

  • Get created
  • Have an accompanying HTML template to display category entries
  • Be mapped to a datatable
  • Contain unique category entries


Each datatable category group has the following fields which you can edit or otherwise modify.

Field Description
Name Field name used in the back end
Description Description of the datatable category group
HTML Template HTML template that serves as an index for datatable categories.

More Information

Use the following links to learn more about category groups and how they are used within Solodev.

Action Description
Add a Category Group Add a new datatable category group.
Modify a Category Group Modify name and HTML template.
Delete a Category Group Remove a datatable category group.
Connect your Category Group Learn how to connect your Category Group to the correct STML pages.
Add a Category Learn how to add individual category entries.
Modify a Category Learn how to modify individual category entries.
Delete a Category Learn how to delete an individual category entry.


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