The repeater template, although not always required, displays every single entry in whatever module you are using. Keep in mind it is written in Solodev Shortcodes and refers back to the user interface template and prints fields in the form of PHP variables through an $item array.






[id] (required) ID of the module from which the data is pulling
[limit] (required) 0 starting at the first entry and the second integer specifying the number of entries to display on the page
[order] (optional) Specifies how the repeater will organize the data such as by "start_time desc" which will organize entries by the latest start time first.
[type] (optional) Specifies the type of manager from which the data is coming (default: calendar)
{{field_name}} Insert the names of your HTML fields inside these curly braces to print out the appropriate variable. You can find the field_name on your Table Schema. Click here for more information on table schema


Code Example:

[repeater id="23" limit="0,4"]


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