Import/Export Datatable Entries

Through the import/export function you have the ability to add entries from an external CSV file to your datatable. You can also export submitted entries in a CSV format for use in other applications.

How to Import Entries

Step 1

Open the datatable to which you want to add entries by selecting it from the left hand file tree. Click the Import button.

Step 2

Click Browse to select the .csv file containing the datatable entries you want to import.

If you check Empty DB, it will delete all the saved entries, if any.

How to Export Entries

Step 1

Open the Datatable from which you want to export entries by selecting it from the left hand file tree. Place a check mark in the grid next to all of the entries you want to export. If you check the box above the listing it will select all entries that are showing. The dropdown field at the bottom of the page allows you to change the number of visible entries.

Step 2

Click the Export button and the entries will automatically download to your computer.


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