Modify a Category

Step 1

Open the category group that contains the category you would like to modify by clicking on it in the left hand file tree. Double click on the category you would like to modify.

Step 2

The category tab will open. Then click on Update Category.

Category Groups

Step 3

A modal will pop up. You can change the name and title of the category and add or modify the description. You can also customize your datatable category for the web. Click the Submit button to confirm.



Name Name of the category, written in lowercase, as displayed on the backend
Title Name of the category as displayed on the front end
Description Brief description of the category
Menu Text used when the category is used in navigation items like left nav or breadcrumbs
Rank When included in navigation this determines in which place the item should be displayed
Intro Customized text that can be used to display on a category page
Custom #1 Reserved for future expansion
Custom #2 Reserved for future expansion
Meta Keywords Adds keywords to be displayed in a page
Meta Description Adds a description to be displayed in a page
Move Category The ability to move a category to another group or to another place in the current group
Category Image Image uploaded to the category
Linked Datatable ID of a sub-datatable.
Layout Populates the data-layout property when the category is in a navigation
Levels How many sub-categories to show when added to the nav
Structure To show in the nav or mapped to a category
Latitude/Longitude Reserved for future expansion


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