Modules Pager Overview

This section describes how to use pager.js using Solodev shortcodes. Pager adds paging and filtering to your web pages so you can sort entries by category, tag, date or even search through entries. Paging allows you to display multiple pages of entries and navigate back and forth and sort how many entries you'd like to display on each page.

Any module that requires paging and filtering will require the use of the [template_repeater] shortcode rather than the [repeater] shortcode.

Most of the pager shortcodes need to be added in the order in which it is shown in this section. These shortcodes work together and do not function separately. Not all filtering shortcodes are required. For example, you can use the category filter and filter without a search filter.


    The shortcodes under modules pager need to be used together in order to work and in the order displayed below. Use pager when you need a page count and filter.


Shortcode Description
Pager Includes (required) Returns libraries for pager js
Category Filter (when needed) Provides ability to filter module entries by category
Category Repeat (when needed) Retrieves the categories
Date Filter (when needed) Allows you to filter module entries by date
Search Filter (when needed) Allows you to search module entries using strings or integers
Tag Filter (when needed) Allows you to sort module entries by tags
Template Repeater (required) Populates an underscore.js repeater template by ID
Template Value Set (when needed) Checks to see if the subject variable is set.
Template Value Set Assignment (when needed) Checks to see if variable is set, returns default value if not.
Template Length (when needed) Displays amount of characters set
Create Now Time (when needed) Returns the rounded value of this exact time
Template Date (when needed) Prints date in underscore template
Template Conditional (when needed) Provides ability to add conditional statements in your underscore templates
Pager Controls (required) Allows you to set pager controls on a web page or module in Solodev
Pager Total (required) Retrieves the total number of pages
Pager Filter (when needed) Number of items displayed by page
Pager (required) Connects pager to a module and specifies the display of the associated entries


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