Building Folders

Folders maintain the structure of your website and can be created using JSON as shown below. Simply create the folders needed for sections of your website and place these as peers to your config.json file. Modify your config.json file to create the folders by identifying the from_path, or where they are located in the package you are importing. Also designate the to_path, that is where you want the folder to be created in Solodev CMS.

Within your config.json file, the folders property accepts the following keywords:

folders An array of the folders you want to build out
from_path The location of the folder in the zip file
to_path The path you would like the folder to be created in
	"folders": [{
		"from_path": "content",
		"to_path": "web files/content"
	}, {
		"from_path": "forms",
		"to_path": "web files/forms"
	}, {
		"from_path": "modules",
		"to_path": "web files/modules"
	}, {
		"from_path": "themes",
		"to_path": "web files/themes"

This snippet of code in particular creates four folders in the already existing "web files" folder that is native to Solodev and automatically created on website creation.

The JSON in your config file above will create the following folder structure in Solodev CMS:



All content you include in your package's folder, such as template and html files will automatically be imported. This allows you to keep your web files organized while minimizing the need to define or declare every single file.


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