Add a User

Step 1

Open the folder to which you want to add a user by selecting it in the left hand file tree. Hover over the Add button and click on the User icon.

Note: You can also add a user from the Dashboard Shortcut.

Step 2

Fill in the personal information for the given user and assign them a username and password and then click Submit in the bottom right. The user account will be added to the selected folder.

The personal information fields are mostly optional. The only required fields are first name, last name, email address, login, and password.

User Attributes

Personal Information

Personal information fields are optional and mostly for use by Administrators of Solodev CMS. Here are the primary fields of Personal Information for a User in Solodev CMS.

Field Description
Title Position within your organization
First Name The first name of the user
Last Name The last name of the user
Email Email address of the user
Primary Phone The phone number of the user and extention


Login Information

This information is required for a User to gain access to Solodev CMS.

Field Description
User Name a login name for a user to access Solodev CMS
Password a password used for accessing Solodev CMS
Secret Question a question unique to the user for password reset
Secret Answer an answer to the Secret Question for password reset


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