Users Overview

Users are the people who have access to Solodev and interact with its resources as determined by the permissions they have been assigned by the system administrator. Users can be bundled together in groups based on criteria specified by the administrator.

Note: These user groups can be used to give departments within your organization access and functionality specific to their job by assigning permissions to different departmental user groups.

Actions Description
Add a User Adding a user to your Solodev instance 
Modify a User Change a user's account information
Move a User Move user to another folder
Delete a User Permanently remove a user
User Hierarchy Best Practices for creating user hierarchy


Fields Description
First Name User's first name
Last Name User's last name
Title User's position within the company
Company Company Name
Email User's email address
Website URL User or Company's website URL
Business # User's phone number
Primary Phone # User's direct phone number
Ext # User's direct extension
Fax # User or Company's fax number
Mobile # User's mobile phone number
Street Address User's office street address
Suite/Apt # User's office suite number
City User's office city
State / Province User's office state or province
Zip / Postal Code User's office zip code
Country / Region User's office Country or region
Facebook User's Facebook link
Twitter Handle User's Twitter Handle
Linkedin URL User's Linkedin URL
Interests User's list of interests
Notes Additional notes
Username Assigned username
Password Assigned password
Secret Question Secret question created
Secret Answer Answer to secret question


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