Calendar Entries Overview

Calendar entries are individual rows of information for a given Calendar. These different entries are used to display a wide variety of information related to a specific calendar.

Each calendar type has different fields for you to populate. Definitions of each field for the predefined calendars are below:


Field Description
Intro A brief subtitle or introduction to the article that appears on your general "News" page
Description The actual content of your news article
Image An image to appear alongside the news article


Field Description
Publish State Select whether or not you want to set the entry status to "Draft" or "Published"
Featured Image An image to appear alongside the event
Event Short Description A brief summary of the event
Event Long Description More detailed information regarding your event
Add RSVP Plans Add a unique ID to allow users to RSVP to the event


Field Description
Main Content The full body of your blog content
Excerpt A brief summary of your blog piece
Blog Image An image to appear alongside the blog entry


Field Description
Gallery Introduction A brief introduction to your gallery entry
Gallery Image The image to be used as a thumbnail for the entire gallery
Gallery Image Description A description to accompany the above thumbnail
Gallery Images An area to upload all of the images you want to associate with a specific gallery.
You can extend any of the above fields by modifying your calendar's table schema. You can additionally create your own custom calendar with custom fields.

More Information

Use the following links to learn more about calendar entries and how they are used in Solodev.

Actions Description
Add Calendar Entry Adds a new entry to the calendar
Import / Export Calendar Entries Import and export calendar entries
Scheduling Entries Pre-define when entries will appear
Categorizing Entries How to categorize calendar entries.
Delete Calendar Entry Permanently remove a calendar entry


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