Schedule an Entry

The scheduling option has different parameters depending on whether you set your calendar for events or another calendar type. When used for events, the start and end times should correspond with the start and end times of the event. When used for news, a blog, or some other type that is not an actual event, the start and end time is used to determine in advance when your calendar entries appear on the website. Event entries appear automatically and display the start and end times for informational purposes. For news entries, the entry does not appear on the website until the posted start date/time and disappears after the stop date/time has passed. Further, for calendar types other than Events, the end date is entirely optional if you wish to keep the entry on your website for perpetuity.

Step 1

Open the calendar from which you want to set an entry time by selecting it from the left hand file tree. Check the box next to the entry and click Modify. Once inside the entry you will see the schedule option on the right side of the screen.

Calerdar Schedule

Step 2

Put your cursor in the start and stop windows and set the desired Start date/time and Stop date/time.

Calerdar Schedule

Step 3

Save your entry and your scheduling changes will take effect. Keep in mind you can always change them prior to the start and stop dates/times.


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