Modules Overview

This section details the shortcodes necessary for the multi-functional, date-based elements called 'managers.' you will learn how to create and manage these managers as well as how the manager entries are collected or displayed.

Repeater Page Displays the entries for whatever manager you are using
Detail Page Shows the specifics of an individual entry
Calendar Entry Attachments Gathers the attachments of a module and prints them, much like a repeater, onto a single web page
Calendar Entry Categories Gathers the categories of a module and prints them onto a single web page.
Thumbnail Image Creates a thumbnail version of the gallery images used on the photo gallery modules
Full Calendar Returns libraries for a full calendar
Event Date Prints the event end date, typically along with the event's start date and time
Solodev Form Populates the form from a datatable by specified datatable ID
CAPTCHA Generates a code image with an input field to be included on a form


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