Add a Calendar Entry

Step 1

Open the calendar to which you want to add an entry by selecting it from the left hand file tree. Click Add Entry.

Step 2

The user interface of your calendar will populate. Fill out the required form fields and any image or document uploads and click Save in the upper left corner. Give your calendar entry:

  • A title
  • Optional start and stop dates for the entry
  • Any categories you want to the entry to fall under
  • Any user groups you want to specify access for

Step 3

Depending on the type calendar you are adding an entry for, different fields will appear. For example, under the "Events" calendar type you can fill in the following fields as seen below:

  • Publish State
  • Featured Image
  • Event Short Description
  • Event Long Description

Please refer to the "Overview - Calendar Entries" page for full descriptions of the different fields of each calendar type.


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