Copy a Link

Step 1

Open up the link you would like to copy by selecting it from the left hand file tree. Click the Copy button.

Step 2

Because you cannot have two links by the same name in one folder, you must either move the link you are copying to a different folder or change the name of the link. To change the name, double click the file name in the red box and the window will turn white. Edit the name by typing the new name in place of the existing name. Then click Save.

Step 3

If you want to keep the link in the same folder, you can finish the copy process by clicking the Submit button in the bottom right of the page.

If you plan to move the link you are copying, select a new parent folder to which you want to move the link by clicking on that folder in the file tree on the right side of the page before clicking the Submit button.

Note - Not specifying a new folder will place the copied link in the same directory from which it was copied.


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