General Datatable Options

Every datatable allows you to specify some general options to help you better organize your datatable and its information. These options are defined below:

Name Give your datatable a unique name
Datatable Type Choose between "General", "Web", and "Form"
Grid Display Specify what specific fields should be hidden or displayed

Datatable Types

For the "Datatable Type" field, you can choose between the following options:

  • General - A general datatable can be used for both internal and external use, on the internet or intranet and contains advanced, table schema, and API options.
  • Web - A web datatable provides more web-based functionality such as web properties to get and push data from the server side to the client side, specify the display of data, send emails under certain conditions, provide advanced options, access to table schema and API information.
  • Form - A form datatable provides the functionality to create rich HTML forms for display on the front-end of the website to gather information, send emails upon form submission, provide advanced options as well as provide access to table schema and API information.


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