Email Options

You can upload a return page, a company logo, and an email to be sent automatically after a datatable submission. You can additionally add email addresses to the tickler so they receive notifications on the activity of the datatable.


Email Fields

Field Description
Return Page A page that will display after the primary action of the datatable (such as form submission. Files should be saved either as a .html or .tpl file.
Company Logo Logo for the company
Upload Custom Email

An email template that is sent after the primary action of the datatable. This field specifies the content body of the email. For example, a user submits a form. If this field is filled out, then they will get a return email using this file as its content.

Notification Type Type of notification
Auto Assign Users User assigned to the datatable
Tickler Email Address Email address to send datatable info. For example, anytime a form is submitted these email addresses will receive an email with the submission content.



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