Website Properties

The "Website Properties" tabs controls how your datatable will appear on your website. Select what type of template you want to use to control the information contained in a datatable, how that information will be displayed, and other frontend display options.

Field Description
How Do You Want the Data to be Displayed?

Upload Repeater Template - This template displays multiple entries

Upload Display Template - This template will display the details of a single entry

How Are the Entries Going to be Organized on a Page?

Defines specific details related to a datatable's repeater page

Items Per Page - The number of entries to display on a given page

Items Per Row - The number of entries to display on a given row

# of Pages to Display - The number of pages to allow a user to navigate through

Image Processing

Force Dimension for Uploading Photos - Define an optional width that all images would resize to upon upload

Create Thumbnail for Uploaded Photos - Define the width of the thumbnail for any images uploaded

SEO URL Encoding

STML Template (detail template) - What page the individual datatable will use as a detail template

Asset Category Map Anchor (Folder Anchor) - The parent folder (within the "www" folder structure) that all datatable entries will populate.

Asset Files

Link a field in your datatable to a public URL

Geo-Coded Fields - Add location data to your datatable entires



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