Connect Your Form to a Datatable

Once your form exists (either by uploading a HTML template or by using the Solodev custom drag & drop form builder), it is time to connect your form to a datatable. The purpose behind this action is to ensure your form has an appropriate area to store the information a user enters into it.

Step 1

Create your form or make sure your form already exists in the Solodev CMS. 

Step 2

After your form is in Solodev CMS, as seen in the grid below, it will be accessible when uploading templates to Solodev managers.

Step 3

Create the datatable you will use to power your form or ensure it already exists in the Solodev CMS. Click here to learn more about adding a datatable. Navigate to the the datatable you want to handle your form, bring it up in the right panel, and click on the "Modify" option.

Step 4

Connect the form you created to the datatable by clicking the "Advanced" tab. Finding the heading labeled "Form Template" and click on the "Select Form" button.

Step 5

Navigate in the file tree to the form you've created. Select it and then click Ok.

Step 6

Click on Submit to save your datatable options.


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