Domains Overview

One of the first things you will need for Solodev is to connect your domain name (e.g. to servers which host your installation. Once your domain references your specific Solodev instance, you can begin developing a custom enterprise solution. The following are links to various articles about domains and getting set up in Solodev:

Buying a Domain

Prior to moving forward in Solodev, you must first buy a domain which you will eventually point to your Solodev deployment. Notable domain providers include,,

Learn more about buying a domain.


Domain Name System (DNS) is a resource which associates specific domain names with IP addresses and other server address spaces. Solodev requires that you have a rudimentary understanding of DNS and how to edit your domain's DNS. 

Learn more about DNS.

Connect Your Domain to Solodev

Connecting your domain name to Solodev is one of the first tasks needed to get up-and-running. Connecting to Solodev requires editing specific DNS records associated with your domain. The following guide will walk you through all of the necessary steps.

Learn more about connecting your domain to Solodev.

Updating Domain Information in Solodev

Domain Information features top-level functionality pertinent to your domain(s) managed in Solodev. In the Domain Information panel, you can specify a staging address, enable a CDN, or add aliases to your domain.

Learn more about updating your domain information in Solodev.


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