Content Hierarchy

The best way to structure your content in Solodev is for your www directory to reflect the hierarchy of your web files folder. For example, if you have a services folder in web files with HTML content for each corresponding service, you will likely need pages for each service. In this case, create a folder in the www directory called services and add the pages you need for each service. 

Note: Notice in the screenshot below that services is a sub-folder in the web files directory and HTML Content files for each respective service live within that folder.


Note: Notice how there is a corresponding page for every service in the services folder in the www directory. Each of these pages contain, amongst other HTML content, the HTML content files in the services folder in web files.

Let's pick a service and see what the difference between the HTML content file and the actual page looks like. We'll start by opening the services folder and opening design.html

Now let's go into the www directory and open the corresponding page for design in the services folder.

Note: You may have noticed that the design.html content file is only a piece of the actual design services page in www. That's because the page contains a template which the HTML content for each service is inserted into.
Click here to learn more about page templates.


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