Edit HTML Content

In Solodev, editing HTML content is simple with powerful inline editing tools and a visual (WYSIWYG) editor. This article will discuss the two core methods for editing HTML content in Solodev.

Visual Editor

Using the Visual Editor is excellent because you can make inline content edits without changing the structure and layout of the web page. Inline editing is granular from the <p> tags under each heading in the screenshot below to the Project Name in the top nav. You can completely customize and edit any page quickly using the visual editor without coding knowledge.

Click here to learn more about the Visual Editor (WYSIWYG).

Source Code

If you're a developer or designer and you'd rather dig into the source code simply click the Source button and start coding away. As soon as you toggle back to WYSIWYG mode your changes will be reflected. In the event of a programming mistake that alters the page too much, you can always revert to an archived version of your page as each page is versioned when saved.


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