Create a Page Template

In the previous section you learned how to create pages in Solodev. To avoid duplicate HTML code and streamline web development Solodev created Page Templates which are, in essence, simply pages that can be re-used to build out more pages. In this section, you will learn how to turn a page into a page template and use page templates to build out your website.

Step 1 - Open the Page you'd like to turn into a Page Template

Step 2 - Toggle to Meta Information. Select 'isTemplate" checkbox. Click Publish.

Step 3 - Navigate to 'www' folder where you'd like to use Page Template

Note: At this point you have already created a Page Template. In the next three steps you'll see the value in Page Templates as our example has a layout that will be re-used several times to build out a dashboard.

Step 4 - Click Add->Page. Select your Page Template from drop down and click Save.

Step 5 - Click on the drop zone until it turns blue.

Step 6 - Add HTML Content to your drop zone

Note: The value of creating and using page templates is that it drastically speeds up development time and avoids having to code duplicate HTML.


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