Themes Overview

Every website, whether custom built by the designers and developers, or built using a pre-existing design, utilizes a theme. So what is a theme exactly? 

A theme is a way to organize all of the elements that go into creating web pages so that they complement one another in addition to supporting your website’s subject matter and purpose. A well-designed theme does the following:

  • Displays a pleasing aesthetic to the viewer
  • Provides a clear impression of the website’s content
  • Clearly organizes the separate components of a website

In Solodev, you will build your own theme compromised of different templates for various sections of your website that will serve as the foundation of your website.

Create a Base Template

The base template is the most important template in that it contains the essential resources that will be included in every web page on your website. A base template typically consists of a header and footer, references to asset files, and dynamic divs to place content. Note that any changes you make to the base template will reflect for your entire website.

Click here to learn how to create a base template.

Create a Sectional Template

A sectional template is a high level overview page with links to different sections of your website. Sectional templates can be used "at will" and there are 1,000s of iterations of what a sectional template could look like.

Click here to learn how to create a sectional template.

Create an Interior Template

The interior template is typically placed in the base template and serves as the interior of a "Section" of your website. The benefit in an interior template is it can be re-used for sections of your website that require multiple pages, allowing you to re-use your interor template to build out your web pages.

Click here to learn how to create an interior template.

Asset Files

Asset files refer to any resources outside of your core markup that style and add functionality to your website. The most common type of assets are CSS, JavaScript, Fonts, and Images.

Click here to learn where to place your asset files in Solodev.

Import an Existing Theme

Solodev allows you to import themes which you can then use as a foundation for structuring your website in a way so that building your website in Solodev is as simple as possible.

Click here to learn importing your existing themes.

Building your Website Using an Existing Theme

Learn how you can turn your existing theme into a fully functional website.

Click here to learn importing your existing themes.


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