Creating Content & Publishing a Page

In any web development platform the first two issues that arise are A) How do I add content? and B) How can I add this content to a live web page? This article aims to address these two questions.

To begin, content lives in the web files folder. Best practices recommend that you structure your web files folder similar to your sitemap. Below is a solid example of the folder hierarchy of your web files directory where all of your content will be stored.

Grid View

Tree View

You may notice a dedicated folder to content, that's strongly suggested to keep your content organized and separated from the other folders. So what exact purpose do the other folders serve?

  • The forms folder contains datatables that receive data from forms on public facing websites and mobile apps.
  • The managers folder contains applications used on the website (blog, team, events, photos, landing pages)
  • The templates folder contains the core templates/layouts that can be re-used and make up a majority of the pages on the site

Just because something is a "Best Practice" doesn't mean you have to do it that way. In fact, you can go into the web files directory and begin adding files and HTML directly to the root or create a series of folders that mimic your sitemap and add your HTML content there. 

In the case of this example, we're going to add content to a sub-folder of the content folder. Below is a screenshot of the folders in the content folder.

Now let's look at the actual front-end of the website, particularly its navigation, and see how close one mimics the other.

Top Level Navigation

Side Navigation

Add Content to Web Files

Step 1 - Open 'web files' and create a folder called 'content'

Step 2 - Create a sub-folder called "Services"

Step 3 - Open "Services" and click Add->HTML

Step 4 - Add your content

Step 5 - Add a page to the 'www' directory


Step 6 - Name your page and click Save

During this step, you can scroll below and add Meta Information specific to this page.

Step 7 - Add your content in web files to your new page's drop zone

Click on the empty drop zone and it will turn blue.

Select your content from the web files folder and it will populate as shown below. Click "Publish."



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