Design & Themes in Solodev

Visually stunning websites start with a robust and comprehensive design process. Generally speaking, a website can only look as good as its underlying design. Further, creating a well-developed website design can take hours is essential to a project build as it provides clear, concise direction.

Likewise, creating a collection of templates (commonly referred to as a "theme") helps streamline the development of a full website. Themes make applying common templates across multiple pages easy.

Solodev allows you to create custom designs and unique themes so that your team has full control over the display of your website. The following sections will help get you started in designing and creating themes within Solodev.

Recommended Resources

View some recommended resources that will you design and develop better websites.

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Having a strong website design will keep users on your website and keep them engaged. This section will teach you the building blocks of effective web design in Solodev.

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A theme is a way to organize all of the elements that go into creating web pages so that they complement one another in addition to supporting your website’s subject matter and purpose. In Solodev, you will build your own theme compromised of different templates for various sections of your website that will serve as the foundation of your website.

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