Using Forms Overview

Forms are the foundation of the web and serve as the gateway for capturing and sending data from one location to another. In Solodev, forms are used for two main purposes:

  • Website Forms - These are forms you'd find on a website, the most popular of which being a "Contact Us" form that captures site visitors data and sends it to your Solodev Module
  • Module Forms - These are forms you use in the back-end of Solodev to add, edit, and delete module entries for display on user-facing websites.

Learn more about Website Forms or, conversely, learn more about Module Forms

Creating Forms

There are three principle ways to create form within Solodev:

via Upload

One of easiest ways to create a form within Solodev is to simply upload the form in its raw HTML. Once the form is uploaded to Solodev, you can then assign it to a datatable and use it in both the frontend and backend.

Learn more about uploading forms.

via Form Builder

Solodev features a custom drag & drop form builder that you can use to create HTML forms with no coding knowledge. This article details the process of creating such form in Solodev.

Learn more about Solodev's Form Builder.

via Table Schema

Within Solodev, you can additionally create an associated form directly from a datatables' table schema. Creating a form via this method will automatically create and associate a form with a particular datatable.

Learn more about creating forms via Table Schema.


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