Connect Your Domain to Solodev

Connecting your domain to Solodev ensures that you will be able to access the backend of the platform and that visitors to your website will be able to view the frontend pages of the site. Connecting your domain requires that you have access to your domain provider and that you have the ability to edit the domain's DNS.

Step 1 - Navigate to Your DNS Settings

In order to configure your DNS Settings you first need to navigate to where you manage your DNS settings for a given domain. Begin by logging into your domain name provider and find where DNS settings are managed.

Step 2 - Modify Your A (Host) Record

Modify your domain's primary "A" record and point your domain to the dedicated IP provided via email after you sign up.

Your host will likely be '@' if your domain name does not include 'www', alternately, your host name will likely be 'www' if your domain begins with 'www'.

Note: Please keep in mind it may take 30 minutes or more for DNS changes to populate and for your domain to start pointing to Solodev.

If you signed-up via, then your primary domain should now be fully set up. If you are adding an additional domain to your exisiting Solodev installation then please continue to the following steps.

Step 3 - Add your Domain to Solodev

The first thing you will need to do, is to log into Solodev CMS. Enter your username and password and click Enter.

On the left side, click on Systems. Select Websites and click on Add Website.

Step 4 - Fill out the Fields

Fill out the fields below. You must designate your Primary URL, the domain name of your newly added website.

Fields Description
Primary URL URL of website
Choose website folder location Websites folder where the website's structure is going to be located

Step 5 - Specify Additional Domain Details

If applicable, the Alias, CDN, SSL tab allows you to specify a staging URL, SSL certificate and CDN.

Fields Description
Staging website address A domain or subdomain used to assemble, test, and review newer versions of content before it is moved into production
SSL website address Secure URL for your website if using SSL certificate
CDN origin website address CDN (Content Delivery Network) URL
Alias Website Address Redirects visitors to your site whether your domain is or (if added)

Step 6 - Choose a System Template

Make your selection in the drop down. Select Blank Website, Import Package, or Choose System Template.

Fields Description
Blank Website Creates a website with the web wiles and www folders so you can build your website based on your sitemap
Choose System Template Selects a prepared Bootstrap theme
Import Package Select this option if you have a Solodev package

Step 7 - Finish

Once you have read and agreed to our terms of service, select Finish and your website will be added to the websites folder.


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