Domain Information

Domain Information features top-level functionality pertinent to your domain(s) managed in Solodev. In the Domain Information panel in the Update Website modal, you can specify a staging address, enable a CDN, or add aliases to your domain.

Staging website address - URL of the staging server where your website content can be staged prior to being published. In all action toolbars throughout Solodev you will see three options: 

  • Draft - Saves your content to your database
  • Stage - Stages your content on your specified staging server
  • Publish - Publishes your content to your production server and live, user-facing website
A staging website must be on a different domain name, although it can be a subdomain. For example, a proper staging address would be "" and not "". Make sure your subdomain's DNS is pointed to your Solodev IP address.

Enable CDN - Enable a content delivery network (CDN) to host your website's static files and deliver them to the client instead of your own server, reducing the load on your own server and enabling faster download times for the client.

In order to enable a CDN, you must select AWS as the provider and have an AWS CDN Distribution URL, AWS Key, and AWS Secret on hand.

Aliases - Website Aliases enable you to make sure more prospective website visitors can access your website. For example, some domains are while others are Without setting up an alias, going to when the true domain is will not direct you to the proper website. By adding aliases to your domain, you ensure it is always accessible.


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