Create a Sitemap

It is recommended you design the structure and content of your website based off of a well designed sitemap. The sitemap is the architectural plan for your website and, as a result, should be the first to be built, even if it is simply a bulleted list of required sectional and content pages.

Building your Sitemap

It is fairly simple to build a sitemap by using a program such as Microsoft Word. The bullet list below shows multiple levels representing the organization and flow of the website.

  • About Us
  • Clients
    • Index
    • Detail
  • Contact us
  • News
    • Index
    • Detail
  • Resources
    • Index
    • Detail
  • Services
    • Design
    • Index
    • Marketing
    • Programming
    • Sales
    • Support
    • Training

Implementing your Sitemap in Solodev

Once you have your completed your Sitemap, it is time to build your folder structure in Solodev that reflects your hierarchy. In this article we will walk you step by step through building out the sitemap above in Solodev.

To begin, we will build out our folder structure (which mimic our sitemap) in the web files directory

Step 1 - Open the web files directory and click Add->Folder

Step 2 - Name your folder "About Us", the first folder in the sitemap, and click Submit.

Your web files directory should now appear as it does below with your newly added About Us folder.

Step 3 - Repeat Step 2 for the remaining folders specified in your sitemap.

Below is the result once you have added all folders from your sitemap to your web files directory.

So now we've built out our web files directory. This is where the HTML Content will live with each folder serving as a repository for HTML Content.

Note: Because this same HTML content will be used in the www directory where pages live, it is recommended you model your www directory off of your web files directory.

Simply add the same folders you added to the web files directory to the www directory as shown below.

Note: Although the folder structure in web files and www are pretty close to identical, there are some key differences to consider.

  • In web files, the folders contain HTML files whereas in the www directory the folders contain web pages made up of the HTML content from the web files directory.
  • The homepage (index.stml) is in the root of the site so it is not housed in a folder and lives in the root of the www directory.
  • An assets folder is required in the www directory to house CSS, JavaScript, Fonts, and Images.


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