Add HTML Content

Prior to building pages or templates in Solodev you must begin by adding your website content which will no doubt include HTML, images, videos, fonts, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Adding your HTML content in Solodev is easy and you have the option to add content using our WYSWYG Editor or using source code.

Once you are ready to add your HTML content, it's important you structure your web files folder - where your HTML content will live - in a well organized manner so it's easy to navigate.

Step 1 - Open the 'web files' directory

Step 2 - Open the folder where you'd like to place your HTML content

Step 3 - Click Add->HTML 

Alternately, click Add->File if you'd like to forego the WYSIWYG and code away.

Step 4 - Add your content to the WYSIWYG and click Save


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